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Art is a road map that the driver can continuously expand on and draw new roads to travel and in doing so we expand ourselves and where we may travel.”

Throughout my creative journey I have delved into many art forms. I resonate with acting, photography, dance, music, spoken word, film making, singing, and inventing. The appreciation of art and the process of creating is a divine happening in my eyes. The word art is one of the most diverse words in the english language. I define art as anything manifested in the physical realm from the act of focusing energy and attention on a vision.

It is through art that I discovered spirituality. I see endless reasons why the act of creating is so crucial. The ability to walk into a space with one thing then come out with something else is one of my greatest fascinations with creativity. It also helped me stay connected to what we all do natural as children. Which is wonder, discover, investigate, learn, live, love, grow and PLAY. Some argue that creativity is not that important. I ask the question. Is life not some great work of art made by the mind of the universe/the creator/Yahweh/Elohim? To deny that we are nothing but small creators is to deny the very nature of our existence on earth. All that we see and interact with in our everyday lives was at some point just a vision in someones mind. The car, the plane, the chair, the house, the streets, the highways, your smartphone, the music you listen to, the internet that connects us, and the list goes on.

Is it not magic for a sculpture artist to form clay into the vision of his mind? Is it not powerful for someone to create a song that sparks a revolution? Has Stevie Wonder ever given you the means or courage to express your love for someone? Did Michael Jackson not show us that ONE human being can have an impact on a whole planet of people? Can Bob Marley not be accredited for helping bring spirituality and ONENESS out into the open? Was it not powerful for James Brown to sing I’m black and I’m proud at a time when “colored people” were hardly treated as people? Now time demands a song that sings I am human. I am great and so is everyone else on this planet. No one can convince me the music is not powerful. Check out a persons music collection and an image of that person will appear.

Spending countless hours “in the zone” I grew to respect and wonder more about that which is unseen by the physical eyes. Like a tv antenna my mind is filled with endless streams of images and sounds. The appearance of visions and “audio thoughts”” in my mind led me to deep self facing questions. Where are these ideas coming from? Who or what is sending them to me? What shall I do with them? (responsibility) It is through the constant pursuit of my dreams that I also experienced the phenomenon of faith and trust. To believe and pursue something that can’t be seen in the physical realm takes faith and trust. After all we do live in a physical realm and we are taught that the 5 senses are designed for interpreting the physical realm but perhaps the senses were designed to interpret the spiritual realm? These type of questions caused me to do a lot of soul searching and questioning of EVERYTHING and seeking those answered allowed me to grow as a human being.

In simplicity I appreciate, engage in, and promote the arts because it gives us a means to channel our energy. Through it we are able to see life as it was, is, and CAN BE. It gives us a way to communicate with each other in a “timeless” manner in ways that normal speech sometimes falls short. Art that was created a thousand years ago remains relevant in todays time because it articulated the HUMAN CONDITION. This project is my tribute to the power of art and its great impact it can and does have on peoples lives.

After reading this and seeing the film it is my great hope that YOU will also see the greatness that is WITHIN YOU yearning to be set free and do its great work in your life and all our lives. I once asked a man “Are you an artist?” He said “Yes, everyday I work hard to CREATE a happy healthy family.” So, in that regards WE ARE ALL ARTISTS creating something everyday of our lives.

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  1. Hi Damon, Bless you and your work. The world does take are seriously. How are civilizations remembered? Through their arts- architecture, literature, music, sculptures/paintings etc. Not many people remember the politicians- perhaps the average person can name 10-15 historical persons. The artists are remembered and their contribution to human development keeps us going.

    I’ll be in Kansas City in October, do you think it would be possible to view your film at that time?

    Facebook: muriel elaine; SKYPE- muriel.boyd

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