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Great concept! Took a friend who was working on an art piece about nurturing a theme that spoke to her throughout the film. For me it highlighted the good that is possible through art, life and potential. It countered the mainstream ideas that there is nothing good in the world, especially the urban core. It is hopeful and helpful.
Tracy, July 26, 2013
The movie was inspiring, thought-provoking and shows how important art can be in a person's life no matter what their ethnicity or background. I believe it helps make the case for the continued need for the availability of art education and resources for children. I especially appreciated the perspective of people from different genres. I both laughed and cried...that's a good thing by the way!
Kim Sharitz, July 30, 2013
This documentary was great! I left the theater feeling inspired and humbled… Like I needed to go out and create something then and there! Write, sing, yoga.. Something! On a personal level this documentary couldn’t have come at a better time as I’ve been trying to stop and smell the roses, do more of what I love and find peace within myself. The passion and emotion of the film was beautiful and I am so thankful to have been able to experience it. I wish nothing but the best for the project and I hope it blesses many others around the world ! Thanks Damon!
Alexis, July 30, 2013
Art Saved My Life was an inspiring film about people coming together for one common goal. To express themselves. With so many different mediums from clay to pen to food to our own bodies we as humans can express ourselves and share with the world all of our past. Art brings communities together, concerts inspire millions. Without the arts KC would not be the same! The world would be a much different place. I loved every minute of it. This should be shown to all the schools, prisons, nursing homes... Everyone should see it! Thanks Damon Lee Patterson for being such a wonderful and supportive friend! I love you my brother! Keep on spreading your love and light into this world! We need it!
Theresa Goodman, July 30, 2013
By far one of the realest films to be produced. This film will have you going higher and striving towards your goals. It will spark a change in the way you view and see not only the world but your self as well. Great documentary.
james Willis, July 27, 2013
I loved the movie, it was very inspiring. I took 3 people with me, and we really enjoyed it. I liked how all the people in the movie were real people, and had different stories to tell. I liked the different ethnicities, and diversity. Alot of what we do is considered art. The movie brought out the passion of inspiration and creativity. I thought Damon did a good job!
Rhonda, July 26, 2013
I love this film. Art is to be shared with others to inspire . This film touched me and made me realize that I should not waste the talent God gave me. Thanks Damon for sharing your art.
T. Maria, August 4, 2013
I thought the film was very moving. I really enjoyed hearing the different stories about how art has improved each persons life whether it be through creating, dancing, painting, eating healthy, writing, singing, observing the world around us, and many more ways that people spoke of. I also really liked the diversity of people in the film; a worldly approach always brings people from different walks of life together, and that is always a beautiful experience to share. Even the audience itself was a very diverse group of people, which really says something special. Awesome job Damon Lee Pattersonx & thank you for sharing your gift with the world. ~Nicolette Paige
Nicolette Paige, August 2, 2013
I attended the PREMIER and have followed the journey of those who participated in the Film....BREATH TAKING...LIFE CHANGING and CREATIVITY AFFIRMING produciton!!!!!!!!!!! The content was riveting....though done in interview format the audience responded with ENTHUSIASM to the candid responses of the artist interviewed. The vitality of each artist was evident as was the passion of Damon Lee Patterson throughout the film. One hour run time seems like just a few minutes. The continuity was good...the MUSIC was AWESOME! I would reccommend this film to Performing Arts students....people battling illness and addiction or as a Motivational tool for those who need to find their Inner ARTIST! The concept that ART heals is not new...the conceptulization and the WAY the story was told was FRESH...VERSATILE and INCLUSIVE! AMAZING AMAZING job!
Ms Becky Shepherd, August 4, 2013
I caught the premiere, and filed this review for the KC Stage Fringe Festival review site. It's such a beautiful film — and (I understand) getting beauty-fuller! Can't wait to see it again…
Don Adams, August 4, 2013